Ice Cream Sandwich: Death by paper cuts (3 min. read)

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I’m a big fan of Android. I have written a few apps, have two phones running it, and I happily recommend it to friends. There is one problem though; the Android experience is riddled with paper cuts. Seemingly minor annoyances that all together make for a frustrating user experience. Google attempted to mitigate some of these in Ice Cream Sandwich, but they somehow managed to introduce a slew of new ones.

In June 2010, Mozilla started the Paper Cuts project. This aimed to fix a lot of the minor quirks that annoyed people working with Firefox all day. I believe it’s about time Google does the same with Android. We don’t need another full overhaul, we just want a more polished experience. So, without further ado, my Android paper cuts:

These minor things, and many more like them, taint the Android experience and make it inferior to what it could, and should, be.

Please Google, sit down with a group of your users and have them play around with an Android phone. Note down what bothers them even the slightest, and fix what you can. This will do more for users than any redesign. Make Android feel polished.